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Journal 18

Birth of an Ultratech

The Microtech Ultratech is our most popular knife, and for good reason. First released in 1999, the Ultratech is the flagship model of the Microtech

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Journal 19

We Want to Hear from You!

Here at Microtech Knives, we value our customers’ feedback. We take our knife-making process seriously, and stand firm to making knives that we are proud

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Journal 20

Microtech: A Look Back

Everyone loves an origin story, and the Microtech story is a legendary one. Evolving from a 2-person operation in an apartment to a world-renowned knife

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Journal 22

Microtech in Movies

Movies, art, and film are representative of culture— landmarking events, interests, and art of the day. Microtech Knives has played an integral part in combat

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Journal 24

Exocet™ Spotlight

Our latest knife release, the Exocet™, has been welcomed with excitement and intrigue. And for good reason—the Exocet™ does something no knife has done before.

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