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Ultratech® Spotlight

Microtech’s place in the knife community starts with Out The Front knives, and we simply can’t share about OTFs without mentioning the one to rule them all: the Microtech® Ultratech.

A classic knife community staple, the Microtech Ultratech is versatile, reliable, and built to last. With over 235,000 made since 1999, the Ultratech has found its way into the hands of hardworking men and women around the globe for over 20 years.

So what is it about the Ultratech that solidified its position as a staple in the knife community for so many years?

First created in 1999, the original Ultratechs looked a little different from the ones today— but they’ve always had the core features that make a Microtech a Microtech.

Lets dive in to the details…


The Microtech Ultratech is an incredible combination of utility and design. Starting off with the contoured, streamlined body, the Ultratech is made of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, known to be lightweight and durable. The Ultratech’s handle is ergonomic and portable, complete with a smooth, flat finish. The knife body is perfectly sized as an everyday knife, coming in at just around 5 inches.


The Ultratech body is constructed with our proprietary screws. Made in-house, our screws are made of 17-4 stainless steel and are unique to Microtech Knives. These screws cannot be adjusted or removed with a typical screwdriver, though we do offer Microtech drivers for purchase as well as in-house cleaning and warranty services.

Pocket Clip & Glass Breaker

Each and every Ultratech knife also comes equipped with a pocket clip and tungsten-carbide glass breaker, so you can be ready for whatever life throws at you.

Out The Front Technology

What the Ultratech is truly known for is Microtech’s Out The Front technology. The proprietary internal design of a Microtech was the first of its kind and continues to set us apart. This design allows the firing spring to be at rest in both the open and closed positions, drastically reducing wear on the internal firing mechanisms. Unfailing, lightning-speed deployment is undeniable with our OTF technology.


Lastly, Microtech knives are known for our razor-sharp blades made of only the highest quality materials and offered in a variety of styles and configurations. Our core blade styles are just over 3 inches in length and come in Double Edge, Single Edge, Tanto, and Bayonet styles.

The Ultratech Lineup

Ultratechs became so popular in the knife community that just one style wouldn’t do. Expanding on the original Ultratech, the UTX-85 AND UTX-70 offer the exact same features, look, and functionality at 85% and 70% the size of the original (shown above). Our Ultratech design has also been used in our Signature Series and Marfione Custom lines of knives, offering unique, one-of-a-kind materials and finishes, such as in the recent Outbreak knives (shown below). The full line of Ultratech offerings means there truly is an Ultratech for everyone.

Microtech in Pop Culture

By now, we’ve established that Ultratechs set the standard for OTF knife technology. But we’re not the only ones who think so.

Ultratechs have been featured in a myriad of shows, movies, and music videos, and have been recognized the world over for their lightning-fast deployment, razor-sharp execution, and consistent reliability. Click here to see our features in movies and media, such as the 2014 hit John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves. 

Want to know more?

Click below to view our “Birth of an Ultratech” series, showing the behind-the-scenes of an Ultratech being made.

If you are looking for a versatile and durable everyday knife, we promise the Microtech Ultratech will serve you well. Just like all of our knives, the Ultratech is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you never have to doubt that your knife will perform when you need it most.

Ultratechs are available for purchase through our Authorized Dealers as well as our showroom in Mills River, NC.

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