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Birth of an Ultratech®

The Microtech® Ultratech® is our most popular knife, and for good reason. First released in 1999, the Ultratech® is the flagship model of the Microtech® OTF lineup. It has remained our best-selling knife throughout the years, a staple in your EDC’s and collections.

Every Ultratech® that lands in your hand goes through this process—from raw materials to the finished product. Our knife making process is tried and true, and we spare no means when it comes to the quality and construction of your knife. From our premium materials to our quality craftsmanship, Microtech® is a name you can trust.

Have you ever wondered about the process behind the creation of your knife? For the very first time, we decided to take our customers and fans behind the scenes to give them a glimpse into the process of making an Ultratech®. Watch as Jason McCoy and Ray of X-Ring take you behind-the-scenes on the knife-making process of a Microtech® Ultratech®, from start to finish.

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