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Are you interested in becoming an official MicrotechⓇ Dealer?


To ensure and guarantee our standards of quality throughout the entire product experience, we sell our knives exclusively through Authorized Microtech Dealers. To receive an authorized dealer status, certain criteria must be met and adhered to by that retailer.

If you are interested in becoming an Authorized Microtech Dealer, you’ll need to complete and submit the Microtech Dealer Application Form below. This is the initial step in the dealer application process. Upon receipt of your information and after review of your application, a representative will contact you to follow up on the criteria we require each dealer to meet and to finalize your application.

*Completion of this form does not guarantee approval for dealer status.

REPLICA CLause / Termination

We take pride in having our Knives displayed with other great Brands of any size or fame. We do not condone selling our knives along with replicas or clones of Microtech Knives. If you have questions about this, and how it could affect your dealer status, please contact us directly and ask for support so we may make sure you are properly informed and understand our stance on this issue.

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