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Anthony L. Marfione Grinding Block


Beginning in 1994, out of an apartment and later a storage shed in Vero Beach, Florida, Microtech® Knives was created by Anthony Marfione and Susan Marfione with a simple mission in mind: Create the best knives possible.

More than 20 years later, now headquartered in Western North Carolina and Bradford, Pennsylvania, Microtech® Knives operates with that same mission at the forefront of everything we do. Throughout the evolution of growth and change, and expanding to over 100 employees, our goal remains the same: to exceed the highest standards of quality possible. That legacy and commitment continues with Sean Marfione working under the tutelage of his father, Anthony. 

Microtech® utilizes exclusively American-Made manufacturing, materials, and labor. Every component we use is developed within the United States, and more than 95% of all our components are manufactured in-house, directly by us. Because we use only the best quality materials, and to ensure our commitment to excellence, every Microtech® knife is backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Every knife produced in our facility is sharpened by hand. Rigorous testing, research, and development ensure that we meet impeccably close tolerances and extremely high standards of quality. We aim to continuously evolve and push the boundaries of expectation, delivering products that set the standard for precision cutlery.

From all of us at the Microtech® family, we thank each of our customers, as well as those who serve us and our country through the United States military, law enforcement, and first responder services. Designed for exactly that reason, our Service Personnel Program aims to provide the best possible tools to those who rely on them the most.

It’s because of your commitment to uncompromising quality that we are able to pursue our mission of creating the world’s best cutting tools.

Thank you.


Through the past 25 years we have been a proud part of the knife industry and are humbled at each milestone, award, and fan who becomes part of the Microtech® family.

The Birth
The very first knife prototypes were created in Anthony and Susan's apartment.
Microtech® Becomes Official, First U.D.T.
Microtech® was officially founded and began renting a building in Vero Beach, Florida. This quickly expanded to nearby empty buildings to create a larger facility. The first official U.D.T. was introduced. 
H.A.L.O.® Introduced
The first H.A.L.O.® was released, which became a prominent line throughout Microtech's® history and earned a cover spot in the September 95' issue of Fighting Knives Magazine.
First Manufacturing Award
Microtech® earned Blade Magazine's Manufacturing Quality Award for the first time.
The Birth of The Ultratech
The Ultratech® is the most popular Microtech® knife ever as it hits production. We also earned Blade Magazine's Manufacturing Quality Award for a second year in a row.
The First Balisong, More Exposure
The  company released their first balisong knife, the Tachyon. Anthony Marfione was featured in "Le Chasseur a Larc" for the uniquely designed Tomahawk. The Lightfoot Compact Combat was awarded Blade Magazine's Collaboration of the Year.
Distribution to Army Special Forces and a Knife Of The Year Award
Originally designed for U.S. Special Ops Boat Team 20, the original limited run of the CURRAHEE was put in the hands of the best suited to test the knife - The U.S. Special Operation Forces. The MTX2 was awarded American-Made Knife of the Year by Blade Magazine.
Relocation and a Cover
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Microtech® moved from Vero Beach, Florida to Bradford, PA. The MTX2 is featured on the cover of Tactical Knives January Edition.
Microtech® Small Arms Research's STG-5.56
Microtech® expanded a sister company - Microtech Small Arms Research (MSAR) engineered the original STG-5.56, becoming the first knife company to establish a firearms division.
Innovation Awards
Microtech's® Select Fire™ won "Most Innovative Design" at Blade Show in 2011.
Legendary Collaborations, Awards, and Pens
Microtech's® Socom Delta won American Made Knife of the Year at 2012 Blade Show. Two Legends met as Anthony Marfione entered into a collaboration with Mick Strider to create the D.O.C. Microtech® launched the Siphon, our first high end pen.
Collaboration of the Year and Most Innovative American Design
Microtech® brought home Collaboration of the Year and Most Innovative American Design from Blade Show for the D.O.C. and the D.O.C. KillSwitch.
Expansion to Blue Ridge Mountains and 20 Year Anniversary
A second facility was added to increase production in Mills River, NC near Asheville, NC in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Microtech® celebrated 20 years of innovation and growth.
Inventive Collaborations
Microtech® collaborated on several new and unique knives with Koji Hara, Mick Strider, D.C. Munroe, and Sebastijan Berenji.
First Tactical Bear Comb
Microtech® partnered with The Real McCoy Beard Oil to create the first tactical beard comb for release.
Stitch® Auto Release
Microtech® pairs with Borka Blades® to create the renowned Stitch® Auto.
H.A.L.O.® Revamp
The legendary H.A.L.O.® was redesigned with new button model, dual latched lock bar, and improved internal parts.
Microtech® Wins AMerican-Made Knife of the Year
Microtech® wins big at Blade Show, taking home the trophy for American-Made Knife of the Year.