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The Outbreak Unleashing

The wait is officially over. The Outbreak Series is here.

The all-new Outbreak is an updated, elevated version of the original Microtech® Zombie Tech. Offered in both Ultratech® and Exocet™ versions, the Outbreak features the same classic concept but with modernized, realistic styling. The design of this highly anticipated knife channels a grungy, apocalyptic look. Read on to learn why the Outbreak deserves a spot in your knife arsenal.

The Outbreak Series knives will be offered in both Ultratech® and Exocet™ versions. The Ultratech® is our classic best-selling Out The Front knife, while the Exocet™ is our money clip Out The Front knife featuring a California-legal blade. Configurations will vary, including Double Edge, Single Edge, and Tanto Edge options, as well as with or without serrations. Our variety of configurations means you can choose the exact tool you need for success. 

Just as no two users are the same, no two Outbreak knives are the same. The Cerakote coating on each and every Outbreak is individually made and unique. An engraved biohazard symbol on the chassis (Ultratech®) or pocket clip (Exocet™) is complemented by a distressed pocket clip and button, and a blade with a weathered finish.

Originally released in 2012, the classic Zombie Tech featured bright green coloring with vibrant splashes of red and a labeled pocket clip. The idea of the Outbreak developed through a collaborative effort to present a darker, more sinister version of its predecessor. Just in time for the spooky season, this updated knife is redesigned and better than ever.

To learn more about the Outbreak Series from Microtech® team members involved in its creation, watch the video below. 

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