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Our latest knife release, the Exocet®, has been welcomed with excitement and intrigue. And for good reason—the Exocet® does something no knife has done before. A huge hit at blade show and with our loyal customers and dealers, the Exocet® has made its mark.

So what is the Exocet®? The Exocet® is our knife/money clip crossover. Weighing in at just 2.8 ounces and with a blade length of 1.98 inches, the Exocet® is perfect for daily carry. This dual-purpose knife neatly pairs the streamlined sensibility of a money clip with the trusted functionality of a rugged Microtech® knife.

Early plans to create a new kind of knife were drafted by Anthony Marfione and the team in April 2019. Anthony proposed his idea for a money clip knife, and the concept was drafted and executed with success. The body was designed with 6061 T6 aluminum paired with a CTS 204 P blade.

Ergonomically, the Exocet® was designed to fit bills and cards and sit comfortably in a pocket. It fits easily in the hand and handles well throughout daily life. Seamless crossover of utility and practicality make it innovative and perfect as your next EDC.

The Exocet® was released and in tow for Blade Show 2019. The new design and unique profile were a big hit, and the demand has been high ever since.
For more details about the Exocet®, click here. To find our authorized dealers, visit our Find a Dealer page on our website.

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