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What’s the Difference Between Microtech® and Marfione Custom Knives®?

Microtech® Knives and Marfione Custom Knives® are two revered names in the knife industry, known for quality and design above all else. Microtech® Knives was formed in 1994. Marfione Custom Knives® was created after, with a specific focus on fine, collectible pieces. Many customers and collectors alike wonder what the main differences are between our production and our custom knives. So how exactly are they similar, and in what ways are they different?


Microtech® production knives and Marfione Custom Knives® have their fair share of both similarities and differences. Read on to find out more about the materials, process, and factors that could influence your decision when choosing a knife.


Let’s start with the basics—both Microtech® and Marfione Custom Knives® are built and sharpened by hand. Nearly everything in our knife production is done in house, right down to making our proprietary screws. Our attention to detail is key, and we stand by our mission to never compromise, using only the best, most premium materials for production and custom knives. The differences between these two types of knives are not found in functionality—these knives are equally equipped and able to perform.


With that being said, Marfione Custom Knives® do tend to appeal more towards high-end collectors. Why is that? These knives are geared towards such collectors due to the high caliber of materials, execution, and production time.



Marfione Custom Knives® are created with exotic materials, such as Abalone, Ironwood, Brass, Copper, and Carbon Fiber. They are offered in a vast and diverse number of blade and handle finishes. Marfione Custom Knives® are also offered in exclusive color configurations that aren’t offered with Microtech® production knives. These stylistic choices are executed with extreme attention to detail.



Marfione Custom Knives® undergo a creation process even more in-depth than that of production knives. While the finished product of both is equally capable, these knives have a significantly increased production time. Every single custom knife blade is hand-ground, which is an extremely time-consuming process. We produce several stunning blade finishes, including our gorgeous mirror-polished blades.


Care is taken to produce custom details, such as hand-hefted, contoured chassis, ringed hardware, and more. Several aspects of Marfione Custom Knives® are done entirely by hand, including our anodizing and pocket clip finishes. They also have a deep laser engraving.


As you can see, while we stand behind every one of the knives we produce, whether production or custom, we spare no detail or luxury with our custom knives. No matter which knife you choose, you can be assured that you have chosen a quality knife that is built and sharpened by hand in-house in the United States of America. We hope all of our customers and fans can find knives that are the perfect fit for them.

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