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Below are the most frequently asked questions. Please refer to this first to see if your question is answered.


We sell our knives exclusively through Authorized Microtech Dealers. You can find a full list of our authorized dealers on the Find A Dealer page. Dealers can determine availability of knives.

The one exception is our Service Personnel Program. Law Enforcement, Military, and Certified EMT personnel are able to purchase certain products from Microtech directly by filling out the form on our Service Personnel Program page. 

Our Maintenance page outlines best practices for the care and maintenance of your knife.

Microtech® Knives do not need to be registered. Our knives are backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty from the start.

First, ensure that your knife is in fact broken. It may just need cleaning. Please consult our Maintenance page for best practices regarding cleaning and caring for your knife. Additionally, check the answers to some of the following questions regarding knife maintenance.

After cleaning, if you find that your knife still does not function properly, it may need to be sent in for repair. In some cases, the repairs will be covered under the Lifetime Limited Warranty. In the event that the repairs are not covered under warranty, there may be additional costs associated with repairing your knife. If repairs are needed requiring additional charges, you will be contacted by a representative from our Warranty & Repair Department.

When submitting your knife for repair, follow the instructions outlined on our Warranty & Repair page. You will first need to complete and submit the form to obtain your Return Authorization (RA) Number. You will need to include this number with your knife to be repaired. Failure to follow this procedure may delay repair time or cause your knife to become lost in transition.

Additionally, please be aware that certain restrictions apply when shipping automatic knives. Consult the Laws & Regulations page for more detail regarding regulations on automatic knives.

You will need to fill out and submit the Return Authorization Form to receive your RA Number. Consult the Warranty & Repair page for a complete overview of submitting your knife for repair.

Email notifications are sent when we receive the knife and when it ships. During show time, turnaround time of knives can be affected. If it has been an unusually long time with no feedback, we encourage you to Contact us. Please allow 3-4 weeks for the repair process. 

The best way to ensure you have an authentic Microtech product is to purchase your knives directly from Authorized Microtech Dealers. Many online auction sites carry counterfeit products, often at prices drastically below MSRP. This is a clear indication that it may not be an authentic Microtech product.

Additionally, consult our Counterfeit Prevention page, which outlines our policies and practices used to avoid and prevent counterfeit products. Here you will also find an overview of criteria that may help to verify that you have an authentic Microtech product.

As with many of our components, the screws used in our knives are proprietary hardware. For this reason, we do not give out specifications regarding screws and other components.

At this time we do not sell the wrench as an individual component. Our knives utilize complex assembly methods and should not be disassembled by anyone other than a trained Microtech technician. Doing so may void your warranty.

Because most of our components are proprietary hardware, we do not sell them individually. We strongly discourage anyone from disassembling their knives. In many cases, people are unable to reassemble them correctly due to our complex assembly processes.

If for any reason you feel you need to replace any of the components in your knife, please Contact us to see if it’s something you can do yourself (such as reversing the pocket clip) or if you’ll need to send the knife in for repair.

Most of our O.T.F. knives are equipped with a fail-safe mechanism that prevents the blade from locking into place if it comes in contact with anything before being fully deployed. If this happens, your blade will slide loose along the track.

To fix this, hold the body firmly with one hand. With the other hand, pinch the blade between your thumb and index finger; firmly pull the blade into its fully deployed position. The blade should lock into place. You may then use the firing button as normal.

In some cases, dirt and/or debris may prevent the knife from firing correctly. We suggest you consult our Maintenance page for instructions on how to clean and care for your knife. If after cleaning, your knife still does not function properly, you may need to send it in for repair. Our Warranty & Repair page outlines this process in detail.

Improper sharpening will void your knife’s warranty. In many cases, improper sharpening will damage the blade, causing the knife to malfunction or worse. This type of damage is not covered under our Lifetime Limited Warranty and may incur additional cost for repair. 

We believe Microtech knives to be one of the highest quality production knives on the market. In part because every knife that leaves our factory is hand-sharpened by skilled craftsmen. To ensure you are getting a perfect edge on your blade, we ask that you always send your knife to us for proper sharpening.

Consult the Warranty & Repair page, which outlines the repair process in detail.

Yes, you may send in your knife from overseas. However, please understand that because of international shipping restrictions and US Customs regulations, Microtech cannot be held responsible for lost or confiscated items.

In many cases, due to country laws and regulations, your knife will need to be sent to an authorized dealer.

We ask that you Contact us directly to help facilitate any overseas shipments.

Refurbishment is not covered under our Lifetime Limited Warranty. Subject to availability, replacement components may be available for an additional cost. However, any type of refurbishment will be done at the discretion of our repair technicians only when knives are submitted for repair through the warranty submission process. We do not offer cosmetic refurbishment due to normal wear and tear.

We receive hundreds of inquiries each year and all donations are determined on a case-by-case basis. For more details, please submit your information using the form on the Contact page, selecting “Marketing Opportunities” for the department.

Unfortunately, with Microtech facing a number of counterfeit obstacles, identifying a knife by serial number is not a reliable option as serial numbers can be easily copied / duplicated.

Blades are only replaced during the Warranty Repair process at the discretion of our repair technicians and only for the blade type being repaired. We do not service requests for changing blade types.

Our merchandise shop is now available directly on our website. We may also carry some merchandise at our larger trade show events.

We are unable to ship products from our facility using shipping labels from individuals. Microtech covers return shipping for all RA’s.