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Employee Spotlight: Jason McCoy

When people look at Microtech Knives on social media, YouTube, or at shows, they often see the face of Jason McCoy. Jason McCoy is, in many ways, a familiar face—someone people look to as a representative of Microtech.

Jason has a singular focus on making every Microtech customer feel like family. His commitment to responding to each and every message on Microtech’s social media proves this resolve.

We decided to ask Jason to share some of his story of how he came to Microtech and his journey with us.

Jason’s story with Microtech begins in a town in west Georgia. Around 2012, Jason and his family began to take interest in the knife community. They soon fell in love with the camaraderie and the people as much as they did the knives. Soon after, they had the opportunity to attend several custom knife shows and gatherings. It didn’t take long for Jason’s son, Jake, to realize that he wanted to make this a part of his life and become a knifemaker himself. A few years later, while at Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia, they had the opportunity to meet Anthony Marfione. Anthony’s family invited them to his post- Blade Show celebration that he hosts every year at his home.  It was a huge honor for them, as they knew just how successful Mr. Marfione was in the industry, and they were just a simple family from west Georgia. None of them could have foreseen the alliance that would be made between the two families.

After spending the weekend with the Marfiones, Anthony offered Jake an apprenticeship, and the McCoys began making the five hour trip to North Carolina whenever Anthony had spare time to work with Jake. The Marfiones spoiled them on every trip with fun adventures such as white water rafting and machine gun shoots (Jason’s personal favorite). They were made to feel like family, staying in their home and sharing meals with the whole family.

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About a year later, in 2016, Jason was celebrating his 20 year anniversary with AT&T as a facility technician. He was expecting to retire in 10 years and certainly did not anticipate what would come next. Anthony had mentioned (what Jason thought to be a joke) that he wanted to hire him to manage Microtech’s social media. Jason disregarded the statement as they both knew that he had zero experience or background in marketing or social media. Turns out, he wasn’t kidding at all. After leaving his house that weekend, Anthony shot Jason a text that read, “Jason, I realize it’s a five hour trip, but Susan and I would really like for you and your family to come back next weekend. We have a proposal for you. We believe you would be a great fit for Microtech, and North Carolina Is a great place to live and work”.


Just like that, their lives changed. Jason took the chance and retired from his job of 20 years. Some may say that it was crazy, but it opened the door to so many opportunities for the McCoys. “I had the opportunity to make my family’s life better. I had the opportunity to position my son for his future success working alongside some of the best talent in the industry. I had the opportunity to be a part of an American made product that I believe in.”

Employee Spotlight: Jason McCoy 2

Jason has been with the company for four years now and hasn’t looked back. While his roles have evolved and changed—from social media manager, service personnel program manager, PR director, and even giving a hand in the custom shop, Jason takes his job here very seriously. “In my eyes, I not only represent Microtech as a brand. I represent each and every hard-working employee here that is responsible for providing the best, most innovative knives available on the market”

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