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Employee Spotlight: Corey Campbell

Chances are, if you’ve been to a show, bought a Service Personnel Knife, or taken a peek at Microtech’s social media over the last few years, you know Corey Campbell. Corey Campbell is our Service Personnel Program Coordinator, but you might also catch him helping with PR, knife testing, and all kinds of Microtech shenanigans. We spoke with Corey about his story in the knife world, how he came to join Microtech, and his experience with us.

Corey’s dream doesn’t start out quite like you might expect. Before being introduced to the firearms industry, Corey pursued professional tennis. Although that career path did not work out, it set him on the path leading to Microtech, and he could not be happier that it did.

Corey’s first introduction to Microtech was actually through John Wick. He was obsessed with the John Wick movies, and heard about Microtech through our John Wick Continental Set. This set was his first Microtech purchase.

Employee Spotlight: Corey Campbell 1

Corey’s start in the industry was doing PR and marketing in the gun sector. When he was around 21, he became interested in firearms, and soon got involved in competitive shooting. “The adrenaline rush I had from shooting was like nothing I had experienced, and I could not get enough of it.” Being a part of the firearms/ knife industry has been a huge passion of his ever since.


Corey’s first connection to Microtech was through Anthony Marfione, who he actually met on Instagram. At his previous job, Corey was fortunate enough to do some shooting with Post Malone. The video they posted went viral, getting over a million views! Afterwards, he got to interact with Halle Berry, who was training for John Wick 3, Michael Rooker from Guardians of the Galaxy and The Walking Dead, and Garret Dillahunt/ Jenna Elfman from Fear the Walking Dead. Being able to interact with these people in the industry put him on Anthony’s radar, which led to his beginnings at Microtech.

Employee Spotlight: Corey Campbell 2

Corey’s role has evolved throughout his time at Microtech, starting with Public Relations and eventually evolving to overseeing and operating the Service Personnel Program. “As the company has grown, I have continued to grow with it,” he says. Corey also oversees Microtech’s appearances in movies, television, and print publications.


To see more of Corey and learn more about Microtech’s Service Personnel Program, you can follow Microtech’s Military Government Program Instagram here.

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