Month: August 2019

Exocet™ Spotlight

Exocet™ Spotlight Exocet™ Spotlight 1

Our latest knife release, the Exocet™, has been welcomed with excitement and intrigue. And for good reason—the Exocet™ does something no knife has done before. A huge hit at blade show and with our loyal customers and dealers, the Exocet™ has made its mark. So what is the Exocet™? The Exocet™ is our knife/money clip […]

Microtech® Sponsorship Spotlight

Microtech® Sponsorship Spotlight Microtech® Sponsorship Spotlight 6

Microtech® Knives has always been a firm supporter of our Military/ Government family. In the past, we have donated time and resources to many great organizations, and looking forward we continue to stand by our charge to support causes that empower individuals in Military/ Government, LEO, junior, and local causes. Microtech® Knives is proud to […]